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The range of solutions possible by the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of the group include central systems, modular systems, small to large, with the latest technologies.

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We manufacture a wide variety of water coooled, air cooled and evaporative condendensed chillers and systems with the remarkable Danfoss Turbocor compressors suitable for many HVAC and process applications.



The advanced Danfoss Digital Controller platform was released by Danfoss with all of the core Turbocor optimization, valve and staging technology. The Arctic Group developed its core chiller software on this rock-solid platform with worldwide hardware support. Also, our Modular Chiller Plant control systems can optimize up to 32 Turbocor compressors, VSD pump and tower drives, and system resets.



Modularization releases certain constraints and can provide redundency and free cooling.

Process Cooling

We understand many industrial processes that demand critical cooling to operate. Chillers, pump skids and optimized variable speed everything.



Our superior knowledge of widely diverse applications with Turbocor technology includes HVAC and process duty.


Critical Duty Chillers

Chillers with premium components and methods engineered for ultra-reliable medical equipment cooling.


Critical-Duty & Data

Modules with scroll, screw or Turbocor compressors. Optional integrated pumping, free-cooling and fail-over controls.


Energy Upgrade
Replacement Chillers

Water cooled or air cooled, our Turbocor chillers deliver unbeatable and sustainable owner value.


Specialty Chilled Water and Pumping

Chillers with built-in free-cooling and internal pumping are common requests.


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