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We believe we are a solutions oriented company with emphasis on modular, critical duty, high-quality specialty cooling, ultra-efficiency chillers, heat recovery and free-cooling for HVAC and industrial process applications.

Our solutions oriented, can-do attitude makes us diverse, and our manufacturing divisions reflect this.

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Our product capabilities are diverse. They can be categorized as follows:

Modular Chillers for HVAC and Process

Critical Duty Systems for Data Centers

Ultra-Efficiency Turbocor Flooded Chillers

Critical Packaged Medical Chillers

Pre-Engineered Packaged Chiller Systems

High-Purity Drinking Water Systems


Water cooled chillers from ArctiChill and ArctiCool are AHRI Certified. This includes the scroll compressor equipment and the Danfoss Turbocor equipment.

New AHRI test stand at the Newberry factory assures performance and software.

All ArcticCool Chillers utilize oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic-bearing, magnetic high-speed drive, digital-control compressors by

... delivering lowest cost of ownership and outstanding energy-efficiency.


Modular Chiller Systems

Systems with scrolls, screws, and Turbocor compressors. Pumping, heat recovery, free-cooling and simultaneous cooling and heating.

Precision and Medical Chillers

Precisely matched to OEM or custom requirements for critical-duty cooling. Pressurized water system, PLC controlled, full redundancy options. Automatic city water switchover panels and 100% redundancy, including controls is possible.

Specialty Systems

From a few tons to thousands of tons and much more. Special materials, special temps and pressures, different refrigerants, or no refrigerant. Turn-key systems and skid mounted subsystems as desired.

Energy Retrofits and Upgrades

Arctic Group is passionate about the need for energy efficiency in North America. The products, services and business we bring to market underscore solutions we can offer. We have developed technology and commercial relationships with leading energy and performance providers to support chiller service and provide attractive energy-upgrades for their service clients.


Oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic bearings and high-speed DC drives, coupled with Two-Degree Approach heat transfer and the only digital controller developed and approved by Danfoss as fully compliant with the correct operation in the compressor envelope, and with our ArcticView Optimization Platform, reliable and superb energy efficiency is a given. Options include patent pending implementations of inter-stage cooling, fluid cooling, and direct subcooling for even greater energy savings. Modular or skidded pumping systems available.

Air-Cooled Systems

The Arctic Chiller Group manufactures air cooled and evaporative cooled devices and systems in the US and Canadian factories. Products include the highly successful "Manhattan Modular" line of air cooled chilled water modules, now available with all compressors. Experience with air cooled low-temp, many styles of heat recovery, evaporative condensing and "AdiaVap" evaporative assist systems. Dedicated circuiting avoids failure issues from staging migration. ArcticCool air cooled systems are the worlds most reliable across a wider ambient temperature and wet bulb.


Industrial Chillers

Arctic Group has manufactured chillers and related equipment to a most impressive client list.
You can take a look here.

We are honored to call clients many industrial and process oriented companies in manufacturing, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, metals, foods, energy and a myriad of others over our 25 year history.

Chilled Water Systems

Chilled Water Systems can be Modular in approach with parallel capacity, fluids handling or free-cooling modules. Systems can be large, and contain 1,000 tons of ArcticCool Turbocor chillers, VFD pumps, heat exchangers, cooling towers, valves and fully optimized controls. They can be provided skidded or containerized for outdoor installation.

Innovative Solutions and Integrated Technology

The Artic Group of companies has a history of investment in innovation, new products and technologies, digital controls and advanced implementations of complimentary technologies like fuel-cells and Organic Rankin Cycle energy recovery equipment.

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